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I had already reviewed Ashley’s Bend myself, but my blogger Jamie just sent me her review! I had bought her a signed paperback when I went to the Cincy Author Event this year and she tore through it! She absolutely loved this book and I can’t blame her!

The second book released yesterday, Figure Eight, by Cassy Roop. Our book blitz and review for that will be posting shortly after this review post. Enjoy!

Review by Jamie: Do you accept and submit? Or reject and commit?

What do you do when you find your high school sweetheart and husband of 7 years screwing his secretary? Cry, get mad, and then go to a sex club, of course!!

Ashley had no clue what she was walking into when she accepted her best friend’s invitation to go to a new club’s opening. Walking into The Celtic Knot she was surrounded by a whole new world that aroused her, yet terrified her. Enter Dominic, owner of The Celtic Knot and Master at the club.

After Dominic uses Ashley in a demonstration and finds out she isn’t a submissive he gets mad. He doesn’t do relationships and especially with someone who doesn’t live the BDSM lifestyle. That’s when Ashley decides to join the submissive training program …. and everything hits the fan. There are many obstacles in the way. Both have things in their past that make them weary and one moment they are tearing at each other’s clothing, the next pushing the other away.

Emotions run high. You’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. Honestly, I thought the bad guy was one person, and to find right in the end it was someone totally different was just jaw dropping, slam the book down and scream “NO!!!” And then BAM! Cliffhanger, baby! But what a cliffhanger. I did not see it coming. I honestly don’t know why or where it’s coming from and I need more!!

Let’s finish this in the sequel: Figure Eight!!


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