Promise Me This Review



Synopsis: Welcome to the South – where the tea is sweet and the accents are sweeter. This Southern way of life is all Charlie has ever known. It’s not until she loses the only person who pushed her to break free of the Southern Belle mold that she starts living the life she needs and not the life her parents forced on her.

Jhett has lived on the edge for as long as he could remember – constantly teetering back and forth between being a rock star and living a normal life. His rebellious and sometimes arrogant attitude is known to get him into trouble, especially with the girls who hang on his every move.

Charlie never thought that a trip to pack up her brother’s apartment would leave her feeling even more unsettled about the grainy details of her brother’s death. Her quest for information leads her straight to his old hangout and into arms of Jhett, who suspiciously knows more about her situation than he ever should.

Only a few questions remain – Can you trust someone based on their word alone? And if you make a promise, how far will you go to keep it?

Review by Jennifer: This was an amazing read. Sarah Ashley Jones really blew me away with this one! I can’t wait to read more from her!

Charlie always wanted to break free of her parents hold and move out to California with her brother, but she had to be the responsible one. The one that always did the right thing and never took any chance.

Then a chance opportunity brought her out to California. It wasn’t the best of circumstances though since her brother was dead. Her mother had sent her to pack up his apartment and ship everything back home.

Thinking she wanted one last memory of the place her brother loved and wanted her to move, she decides to go to this bar. She found the name of it on a napkin on his fridge and a note from a girl. She has to see the place for herself.

There she meets Jhett and her world is forever changed. He persuades her to stay for the summer and to see the city that her brother fell in love with, but then she starts to fall in love with Jhett and all of her well laid plans seem to be unraveling at the seems. C

Can she stay in California and do it on her own, because if she does she knows her mother will not support her at all. And why does it seem like Jhett is hiding something from her? And why does his sister seem to have it out for her? Can she put up with all of this and stay in California?

I will definitely be reading the next book in this series! Whew! The chemistry between Charlie and Jhett is pantie melting!



By Jennifer Laslie Posted in Reviews

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