Peerless by Victoria Esocbar


Synopsis: She has no people. She has no family. She is the last of her kind but which of the immortal races. No one knows.

Tiranna stopped looking for her ancestors long ago. Instead, she lives life as she chooses. She is an anomaly on the fringes of Peerless society.

By accident and chance, Tiranna is dragged into the growing anxiety of the Peerless. Evil grows bolder, and they are being targeted.

Tiranna suspects the face it wears and hopes she’s wrong. She’s faced him before and barely survived. Facing him again could mean facing death.

This time there would be no room for error.




Review: I love how Victoria can use modern life but yet still create a world all it’s own. She has a way with making me see the story as it unfolds.

Tiranna isn’t sure what she is, but there are none like her in the Peerless community. Tiranna can work magic in a way others can’t. That sets her apart even among those of her kind.

She finds herself wrapped up in a mystery that involves the Peerless. She plans on getting to the bottom of it.

Averill happened to be at the right place at the right time. Or maybe it was the wrong place at the right time. He wanted to get to the bottom of things as well. When he follows Tiranna and she decides he’s pretty quick witted, she makes him her body guard. Someone is spreading evil among her kind and she needs to stop it.

They go on a quest to find out who is behind it. Tiranna fears the person who may be behind it, but will stop at nothing.

In the midst of the journey there seems to be a tense relationship between Tiranna and Averill. I can’t quite put a label on it, but it adds a twist to the story I think.



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