Natural Selection Review

Natural Selection by Elizabeth Sharp




Synopsis: Book One of the Forces of Nature Series

Average, plain-bodied Amelia Hoffman has resigned herself to a life of mediocrity, unable to escape the shadows cast by her all-too-perfect siblings. Worse, her feelings for her brother’s best friend are getting stronger.

Everything changes after the brutal murder of her close friend.

Suddenly, Amelia’s life is transformed and she is thrust into a wondrous and frightening new world of myths and legends. As she explores this new world hidden within the layers of her own, secrets are revealed. When her body miraculously changes overnight, Amelia is forced to hide in her home for her own protection. But as danger circles closer, Amelia has to figure out who is committing the ruthless homicides.

Otherwise, she could be next.

Review: Amelia (Lia) seems to think she’s going to be stuck in a child’s body forever. Everyone around her is blossoming into adulthood while she’s stuck as if she’ll be 12 forever, while her brother and sister seem to have been blessed with all of the good looks.

Then strange things start happening as she starts high school. Her brothers best friend, Xander, who she’s known for so long seems to have electrocuted her. On top of that he went away for the summer and came back looking even cuter! She can’t deny she was attracted to him before, but now he is WOW!

Amelia learns a lot about the secrets her family seem to be hiding from her. Secrets that seem to be putting her in danger now. These secrets are also the same ones they’ve been hiding that help her to transform into the beautiful women she is to become.

Amelia also learns why there is such a pull/connection between her and Xander and who her siblings really are.

I was definitely pulled in by this book and Lia finding out she is a “natural spirit”. I love YA books like this! If you are into magical YA books you definitely want to pick this book up and read it! Elizabeth Sharp writes this story very well and I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next!


By Jennifer Laslie Posted in Reviews

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