Redemption Review

Redemption by Julie Morgan


Synopsis: Lisa’s choice has been made. She’s living her dream and couldn’t be happier. Then as news comes to shed light on her happily ever after, a series of events are set in motion. Some want to claim what is rightfully theirs, others want to mold it in a positive light.

Alex feels the demon inside of him growing stronger, day by day. Will he be strong enough to keep it at bay, or will he lose himself to the darkness? A new demon comes into Alex and Lisa’s life who seems to have every intention of destroying them, but do they know what their intentions truly are?

Lisa will discover who is an ally and who is the enemy, but will she discover it in time to save Alex from his own self destruction? When she finally understands what’s happening to her, will she lose herself and everyone she loves or will she seek redemption and accept what she has become?

Review: Lisa’s story continues as she finds out she’s pregnant and carrying Alex’s child. She’s ecstatic about this, but there are some downfalls. She realizes that her pregnancy is progressing a lot faster than a normal human pregnancy should. Her unborn child is going to be a mix of angel, demon, and human. She’s not sure what to expect.

Alex and Michael want to take her to a place that is a neutral zone to find out exactly what she’s having. It seems they’re not the only ones interested in the child she’s carrying.

This story takes some twists and turns that I did NOT expect. I love being surprised by a book. Lisa and Alex face some tough times in this book. If you loved how Fallen unfolded, then you’re going to love Redemption!




By Jennifer Laslie Posted in Reviews

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