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School. Tests. Scholarships. Goals.

Senior class overachiever Geoff Miller thought he had it all figured out. All he needed to do was make it through the next six months, graduate, and get on with his life.

College at the University of Virginia beckoned him– and he just wanted to put the last horrible four years at Heritage High School in the “done” folder.

Geoff just didn’t count on two things: Laine Phillips, and sex.

At first, his passing crush on the school princess seemed to Geoff like a distraction from a boring life in a snobby Greater Cincinnati suburb. Then one day, it turned into something more…

Six months. Not that long, right?


I’m a big fan of Young Adult books. So when I was asked to read an ARC of this and review it I was thrilled. I’ve read another YA book from Sara Celi and loved it!

This book is a story about Geoff Miller. Geoff is just an average guy. Okay, maybe he’s a nerd. He’s ranked second in his class and his only goal right now is to graduate high school, earn as many college credits as he can in his senior classes that he’s picked and to get out of Robert Hills. He wants to get as far away from it as he can and never come back. He’s seen how other kids go off to college and come right back and never get out of there. That is NOT going to be him. He’s going to make something of himself. As soon as he figures out what that is…

Geoff has been crushing on Laine Phillips since he noticed girls. Most of the kids in Robert Hills have all grown up together from Elementary to Middle to High School. They all know each other. Laine is way out of his league though. She’s the most beautiful and unattainable girl in the school. And she doesn’t even realize Geoff exists. Plus she’s dating Evan and they’ve been together for a while now.

Then one day Laine sees Geoff in the library and sits down with him to study. Geoff is completely shocked! He’s almost speechless. The story that follows is both heart warming and heart breaking. When I thought I had figured out what was going to happen next, Sara Celi would throw me for a loop! I loved reading along and see the nerdish awkwardness that is Geoff Miller. I think Sara captured this in it’s essense. You know those types of guys that wouldn’t know what to do with a girl if they have one, let alone talk to one? Yup, that’s Geoff. I was nervous and anxious along with him as he talks to Laine and becomes friends with her.

Geoff wants to be more than friends though. He’s been dreaming about her for what feels like a lifetime! And then he notices how Laine acts when Evan comes around. It’s almost like she’s scared of him, but that can’t be right. Evan is her boyfriend. She shouldn’t be scared of him.

I won’t go any further. I’m afraid I may spoil things even more. At that point in the book it goes into a downward spiral that you’d never expect. I kept second guessing and coming up wrong! If you love reading about high school and cheering on the guy to win the girl, plus some major twists, then this book is for you! I give it five shining stars!

Meet the Author:

SaraCeliNew Orleans born Sara Celi has lived all over the United States. She calls the Greater Cincinnati area and the Queen City home.

She has spent more than a decade working in journalism and broadcasting, with jobs both on-air and off-air at TV stations in Louisiana, Ohio, and Oklahoma. Her work has appeared in numerous online publications, magazines and newspapers, and she is a contributing author to Chicken Soup For The Soul: The Power of Positive.

Sara graduated cum laude from Western Kentucky University in 2004.

In her spare time, she likes to read, shop, write, travel, run long distances, volunteer with the Junior League, and fund raise for Cooperative for Education, a non-profit providing educational opportunities for Guatemalan kids.


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“Sure.” She bit her cherry-red lip, and watching her do it almost made me fall out of the chair. Still, she made no move to take a seat. “I wasn’t going to come over and talk to you—but, well, I just wanted to say that—well,” she broke off. “Never mind.”

“Seriously, do you want to sit down?” I asked again.

“Yeah.” She looked over her shoulder. “I just don’t want to be alone right now.”

As I hurried to move my school stuff out of the way, she slid into the metal chair and tossed her own book bag on the floor. Then I just stared at her, because I didn’t know what to say, and I couldn’t figure out why she’d sat down next to me. It just didn’t make much sense. The library had plenty of open tables, and even more computer desks. Hell, she could have had a whole section to herself if she wanted it.

So why me? Why me? WHY ME?

“Have you started the paper?” I asked when the awkwardness became too much for me to bear.

She nodded. “Yeah, last week. I’m about three quarters of the way done with the outline.”


“Yeah. I like English literature a lot, especially that time period.”

I sat back, surprised. No one liked Langston’s class. No one. Right? And she didn’t seem like the English type, since she never talked much in that class. I had assumed she got in just because of who she was in school and the magic spell she seemed to have over everyone—even the teachers. “So, you’re telling me you like AP English?”

She gave me a blank look, as if I shouldn’t be surprised about this.

“Well, that’s awesome. I can’t get into it. At least, not that stuff we’re learning right now.”

“It’s not that bad, Geoff. Some of it is kinda romantic.” She disappeared underneath the table and came back a few seconds later with a thick green binder, a blue pen, and her own iPad. She opened up the binder and pulled the iPad out of the case as a small smirk danced on her face.

“Wait. Are you going to study here?” I paused. “With me?”

“Sure I am. This is a library.” Laine winked. “You do know how these work, right?”

“But I mean—”

“And you look so—I don’t know—lonely sitting here all alone.”

“So you just thought you’d plop down and study with me?”

“What? Don’t you want me to?” She tilted her head and frowned, as if she didn’t understand why I’d asked the question. “That’s what people do in a library. They study. Sometimes together. Of course, I could always go study with one of the freshmen.”

But even as she said this, she made no move to get up from the table we shared. Meanwhile, all the attention in the room had turned to her. Everyone in the library stared, transfixed. She was like that ring from The Lord of the Rings. My precious.

Good fucking grief. Of course I would make that kind of lame analogy.

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