Break It Up Review



Synopsis: Kyra Armijo is making a few changes in her life. One of them being, she’s no longer going to give it up to every guy who looks at her twice. And she’s putting her hopes and dreams for her future first. When the aspiring photojournalist gets the opportunity of a lifetime to tag along with international boy band sensation, Triple Cross, she can’t pass up the chance.

The only problem is that she’s in love with one band member, dodging the unwanted attention of another, and desperate to keep her turbulent past under wraps. Triple Cross have “nice guy” appeal, approved of by parents the world over, but have just let go their longtime manager, who controlled their clean image and media exposure with an iron fist. When Zach Wechsler, the object of Kyra’s affection, begins to show interest, she has to be careful.

Surely one girl can’t destroy a band that’s been together for ten years… only what if she can? Kyra knows she’s one bad decision away from ruining everything she’s worked for, and taking the hottest act of her generation down with her.

Review by Jennifer: This book was amazing! I stayed up late last night finishing it because I couldn’t put it down! I haven’t read any other books that go with this storyline. This is the first book I’ve read of E.M. Tippetts!

Kyra has grown up the bad girl. She lost her virginity at a very young age and would give it up to anyone who would give her the time of day. She carried that reputation with her in school as well, but she’s decided to change. She realizes that being able to get whatever guy she wants doesn’t give her the control she thought it did. So she’s on the straight and narrow now.

Somehow she gets the chance to have dinner with the most popular band, Triple Cross. She has had the HUGEST crush on Zach Wechsler for forever! She invites two friends with her and gets ushered into a private dining room with the three members of Triple Cross. While her friends paw and fight over the other two members of Triple Cross, Kyra stands there a little shell shocked. She knows she could so easily fall into her old ways and try to get Zach to sleep with her, but she also knows that Zach’s mom has made sure the band has a squeaky clean image. And she doesn’t want to ruin that. Things between them are awkward and it seems that Zach at least tries to be nice to her and ease the tension, but Kyra knows this didn’t go how she thought it would.

Fast forward a bit and Kyra is offered the opportunity to tour with Triple Cross in order to film a movie. The guy in charge wants her to be his intern. A war is waged within herself on whether this is something she should do or not. She’s tried so hard to leave her past behind, but being that close to Zach may put her in a position to be bad. And it’s not like Zach would like her anyways if he knew her past. Can she keep it together and get through this while learning a little bit about the film industry?

I absolutely fell in love with both Kyra and Zach. They’re both vulnerable, but yet so strong. And it seems like life isn’t always fair. You get to dive into the reasons behind why the other two members of Triple Cross act the way they do. I would DEFINITELY recommend this book to a friend. Heck, even a stranger! (I’ve been known to do that in book stores! HAHA!). I give it five stars!


By Jennifer Laslie Posted in Reviews

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