Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes Review



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Synopsis: “It all started when I saw myself dead.”

For Rose Gardner, working at the DMV on a Friday afternoon is bad even before she sees a vision of herself dead. She’s had plenty of visions, usually boring ones like someone’s toilet’s overflowed, but she’s never seen one of herself before. When her overbearing momma winds up murdered on her sofa instead, two things are certain: There isn’t enough hydrogen peroxide in the state of Arkansas to get that stain out, and Rose is the prime suspect.

Rose realizes she’s wasted twenty-four years of living and makes a list on the back of a Wal-Mart receipt: twenty-eight things she wants to accomplish before her vision comes true. She’s well on her way with the help of her next door neighbor Joe, who has no trouble teaching Rose the rules of drinking, but won’t help with number fifteen– do more with a man. Joe’s new to town, but it doesn’t take a vision for Rose to realize he’s got plenty secrets of his own.

Somebody thinks Rose has something they want and they’ll do anything to get it. Her house is broken into, someone else she knows is murdered, and suddenly, dying a virgin in the Fenton County jail isn’t her biggest worry after all.

Review by Wendy: Life has been pretty uneventful for Rose Gardner up until now. She works at the DMV, lives with her mother and has an occasional vision or two. One afternoon, she has a vision of her own death and passes out at work. When she gets home, she gets into a fight with her mom and goes to the library to clear her head. She realizes she is 24 years old and has wasted her life until this point. She makes a “Wish List” on the back of a Wal-Mart receipt and readies herself to cross off all 28 wishes. When she returns home, she finds her mother has been murdered on the couch and she’s the main suspect. Suddenly, Rose finds herself packing 24 years worth of living into one week as romance blooms with her neighbor Joe and she discovers she has been mistaken for someone else and is in a lot of trouble.

This book was such a fun read. I loved Rose’s innocence and country charm. For someone who had been so sheltered, she still had her wits about her as she navigates through all the twists and turns in this book. It was the perfect mix of suspense and romance. I stayed up late just to find out how it was going to end. This one is definitely worth checking out and I can’t wait to find out what happens with Rose in the next book!
By Jennifer Laslie Posted in Reviews

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