Distractions Review

Distractions by J.L. Brooks




Synopsis: “We are all pawns in some one else’s game.”

No one knows this better than Violet Phillips. When her beloved mentor goes missing, she suspects murder, which sends her spiraling out of control and away from the stable life she has built for herself. Soon, her past will begin seeping out with a vengeance.

“I will teach you how this game is played.”

Self-destruction threatens to consume Violet when a handsome neighbor who has been watching her from afar intervenes on her behalf. Shepard Leone may be six years younger, but it does not stop him from seducing her ears as well as her heart.

“Fascinating how much life can change in twenty-four hours.”

When Violet is forced to go down a dark road into a past where she must confront the demons that nearly destroyed her, will she be unable to deviate? As Violet struggles with the loss of her missing friend, Shepard will find a way in and reawaken desires that she thought were forever lost. But she never forgets that if you are not careful, distractions will be your undoing

Review by Wendy: Wow! I have a serious book hangover after this one. When I read the synopsis, I was expecting a suspenseful romance, but I got more than I bargained for! The story starts off with a glimpse into 14 year old Violet’s life and then moves ahead to her 20s where she is working as a research assistant in a lab. She holds her boss, “Doc,” in high regard, even thinking of him as a father figure. One night, a very disturbing encounter with Doc changes everything for her. Left reeling from what just occurred, Violet has no time to recover before Doc disappears. She looks to her neighbor, Shephard, for comfort and is soon in a relationship with him, when disaster strikes again. Thus, begins the roller coaster that is “Distractions.” Just when I would get into the story line, Violet would be off on another path, seemingly dropping the one she was on. However, it all comes together as the story moves along. I could not quit reading this one and spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I was missing. I knew that it was moving to a shocking end, and I was right. My advice while reading this one is a great quote from the book, “Stay alert, Violet. Distractions will be your undoing.” The twists in Violet’s life were distractions to what was really going on. I should have been more alert. This is definitely a book worth checking out. Don’t miss out on it! 4 out of 5!


By Jennifer Laslie Posted in Reviews

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